Preventative Care

Preventative Care at Garland K. Davis DDS Family Dentistry

Maintaining a regular schedule of cleanings and examinations is one of the best ways you can protect your dental health and avoid pain and expensive treatments. We recommend to most of our patients that they schedule a preventative care visit every six months, but some patients with gum disease, high risk of cavities or certain health conditions should come more often. When you start your care with us, make sure you inform us of any health conditions you might be experiencing and any medications you are taking so we can determine the best schedule for your appointments.
Regular Dental Cleaning and Checkups 

At each dental cleaning and examination, one of our expert hygienists will carefully remove accumulated tartar (also called calculus) from your teeth and give them a thorough polish. At that time, your teeth, gums and existing dental work will get a thorough dental exam to check for any problems. If x-rays are due, images will be taken and evaluated so we can make a more thorough examination of your dental health. Since 1992, Dr. Davis and his staff have been pleased to provide dental cleanings to Laurel, Maryland residents and those from the surrounding towns and cities from the same Cherry Lane location. 


Sealants offer an effective way to protect teeth from decay, especially for children or teenagers or those with health problems that cause dry mouth. A sealant is a coating made of plastic or other dental material that covers the top of molars – the irregularly-shaped teeth that do most of your chewing. Because of the irregular surface, it’s easy for bacteria to accumulate in those crevices and that can lead to tooth decay. With this sealant that should last for several years, bacteria is kept away from the surface of molars, which has proven to result in a reduced rate of decay. 

Space Maintainers

A space maintainer is an acrylic or metal appliance that holds space open for a permanent tooth that is not quite ready to come in. When a baby tooth is lost before a permanent tooth is ready to take its place, we recommend a space maintainer to keep all the teeth in their right positions. Without a space maintainer, the other teeth have a tendency to move into the space meant for the permanent tooth.  

A space maintainer either attaches to an adjacent tooth or is removable. This simple device can prevent the need for expensive orthodontic care to move the teeth back into their correct positions after they shift. When the permanent tooth starts to come in, the space maintainer will be removed.

Fluoride Treatment

Fluoride treatments have proven to harden the enamel of the teeth and making them resistant to the bacteria that causes cavities. Fluoride can be applied to the surface of the teeth or it can be taken as a pill. Fluoride is available in most public and water supplies but some people who drink only well water or filtered water may benefit from additional fluoride treatment. We may recommend fluoride treatment for you or your children to protect you from cavities. 

There is so much we can do for you and your family to keep your dental health excellent and prevent the need for expensive treatments. When you are seeking a dentist in Laurel, Maryland, please use the contact form below to request an appointment or call our office any time.

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