About Garland K. Davis DDS Family Dentistry

Dr. Garland Davis has been in practice in the Laurel, Maryland area since 1984. His decades of experience have shown him how vital good dental health is for each person’s overall well-being. That motivates him to provide thorough education as well as excellent dental treatment, including instruction on at-home care. Yes, it is possible to keep your teeth for your whole life. You just need the right daily care program and a regular schedule of visits to your dentist. That’s how small problems get addressed while they are still small and big problems can be prevented. We’d like to let you know a little more about us so you understand why so many people in Laurel and surrounding communities have chosen us for their care. 

We take great pride in caring for each of our patients like they are part of our family. We would love to include you in with the number of people we are able to help achieve better dental and oral health. 

For the Anxious Patient

We understand that going to the dentist can be daunting. Therefore, we strive to make each visit comfortable so we can make excellent dental care achievable by all. We have invested in the technology that makes patient education easy and we’re going to explain each type of treatment you need so you can understand it. As you receive your treatment, we’ll make sure you are comfortable and know each step we are going to take. If you prefer it, we have a wide selection of movies you can watch while you are receiving treatment. 

Certain patients are always anxious in the dentist’s chair, no matter how reassuring we are. We can help that person with the exact level of sedation so they too can maintain their dental health without excessive stress. If you have concerns about visiting the dentist, please contact us so we can explain to you how we can help. 

Family Care, Emergency Care

No matter what your needs are, we can help. Whether you’re bringing in a toddler for his very first exam, you need routine cleanings or fillings or you just had an accident that damaged one of your teeth, we would like to help. We welcome new patients to our practice and hope you will tell your family and friends about us after you have experienced our care. 

Our Location

For more than thirty years, we have been in the same location – 8730 Cherry Lane, Suite #6 in Laurel, Maryland. In that time, we have expanded from two chairs to eight so we can serve more patients. We have also continuously upgraded our training, technology and equipment to keep pace with the latest developments in dental treatment. Dr. Davis advances his expertise every year and ensures that his staff are trained to offer the highest level of service to each and every patient. 

Dr. Davis is a native of this area and is a huge fan of the Baltimore Ravens. If you are too, be sure to mention it when you are in our office! We are very pleased to help residents from all over the area, including Savage, Maryland City, Ammendale, Burtonsville, Columbia, Jessup and other communities. 

We are pleased to offer the best and most compassionate dental care to you and your family. To schedule an appointment or to ask questions about your dental health, please call us today

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